If you click on any of the three golf journal icons below, they do not open in a new page. What happens is that they download onto your hard drive but only if you click on one . The download process is not automatic, they must be mouse clicked on to activate a download. Then you can open them as a Word Docx document to view them.

The images on this page are from the movie CaddyShack. The character swinging the club is Danny Noonan. I watch this movie, usually once a day. The last image on this page is from CaddyShack and is the character that is Judge Shmale's neice from Manhatten that is living with the Judge for the summer.

Hand and clubshaft position at impact - from reference number [4]

Note that the hands, and therefore clubshaft, are slightly higher at impact (grey color) compared to the address position (blue color). The downward bowing of the clubshaft is a natural phenomenon due to the physical forces acting on the clubshaft as it passes through the impact zone at a very fast speed.